Tenping is a reward platform to drive affiliates promote informative campaigns and the affiliates earn cash points on their performance.
We represent our advertisers to promote informative marketing content. Afiliators run campaigns with provided useful information..

Our services

Rapid mobile service
Tenping is a mobile marketing service that Affiliates promote informative campaigns and the Affiliates earn cash points as rewards on their performance.
Easy to promote your campaign
Affiliates run campaigns on multiple channels easily with just few clicks. Real-time campaigns operate with a message link. Tenping pays for targeted actions basis such as click, install and view contents.
Real-time performance report
Besides CTR (Click-Through Rate), we also provide campaign channels and where attributions are made in real time.
Broad campaign type range
We provide a broad range of campaign types such as Click&View, Click, Video Play, Install&Open, Sales, Contact collection, Service integration and more you can imagine. You can simply choose the most suitable types for your strategies.

Service features

Cover every mobile channel
Our service covers from mobile messengers such as KakaoTalk to social media like Facebook, Naver Blog, but also big media channel, apps and your favorite community with various solutions such as Campaign box, API, SDK.
Not merely advertisements, but Informative contents
Campaigns are promoted smoothly to users in familiar formats and suitable for all types of services because advertisements contain informative contents.
Maintain data traffic inflow after a campaign
Even after the campaign ended, data traffic keeps flowing into the advertiser's content through the URL spread across multiple digital channels.
Affiliate's active targeting
Affiliates target and share messages actively in order for users to get engaged in campaigns based on their interests.
Abuse control through User Behavior Analytics (UBS)
Monitor engaged users in real-time through behavior analysis to maintain high traffic quality. For example, Tenping affiliates producing lower quality than our standard, they will be blacklisted or given a strict warning.
Promote every campaigns to every possible channel
Based on each channel's characteristics, affiliates do active targeting to potential customers across social media, app and blogs.

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